carrie south

fitness instructor, life lover.

functional fitness

Modern life can be hard on our bodies. With Pilates and functional training, I teach you to move the way you're meant to. Maybe you're not preparing for a marathon, but I can train you to walk up stairs or get clothes out of the dryer in proper joint alignment and without pain. Safety and stability are my first priority.

athletic conditioning

If you're preparing for an event or you're a long-time athlete, conditioning can take you to the next level. I have the tools analyze your fitness abilities and progress you to your goals. I use classical Pilates and work with sleds, Dynamax balls, Suples equipment and much more to keep you on your toes.

Desk Jockey Relief

Near and dear to my heart is the office worker stuck in a chair from nine to five. All the havoc that wreaks on your body can be undone with stretching and strengthening moves. I have lots of tricks for waking up sleepy glutes, opening up rounded shoulders and lengthening the spine for maximum mobility and minimal pain.

about me

I started working as a graphic designer after college and within a few years, even though I loved the profession, I had too much energy to sit in an office all day. Having always been passionate about health and fitness, I decided to learn more about functional movement under the tutelage of my long-time trainer Chris Robinson. Now I enjoy helping people who are suffering in those desk chairs just like I was!

I am an ACE certified trainer with a focus on functional movement. I'm also studying Pilates under Chris Robinson, one of the world's greats. My workouts are challenging but controlled – everyone works to his or her level. Please contact me for a personal session, or check out my class schedule.

Group Classes

I teach small group classes to people of all levels. Focus is on functional movement using your own bodyweight, sleds, bulgarian bags, dynamax balls, TRX and much more. Everyone works to his or her level and fun is encouraged! Check out my schedule below.

Private Sessions

If you want to focus more closely on your goals or are working with an ailment, private sessions will be best for you. Work harder and smarter with personalized plans and undivided attention. Please contact me for scheduling and rates.

find me

Please contact me for private sessions or find me where I teach.

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